Thursday, November 11, 2010

Eight Premier League games: LIVE!!!

----->Manchester City v Manchester United: LIVE

----->Wigan Athletic v Liverpool: LIVE

New Updates - Result!!!

Manchester City 0 Manchester United 0;
Aston Villa 3 Blackpool 2;
Chelsea 1 Fulham 0;
Wigan 1 Liverpool 1;
Wolves 2 Arsenal 2;
Newcastle 1 Blackburn 2;
Everton 1 Bolton 1;
Wes Ham 2 West Brom 2.


  1. That's full-time, and what a terrible game of football. Neither side showed enough intent, both were happy with a point. United were marginally better, but it was a really poor match.

  2. patut MU kalah jer syg newcastle plak kalah..aritu da best da menang lawan arsenal...seb bek smlm ada 1 goal dr andy carroll..

  3. Tu yang sedih tu.. Dah la aku penyokong setia Newcastle..