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Latest EPL Result & Guess What??? Berbatov Fired 5 For Man Utd!!!


Saturday November 27

\Everton 1 - 4 West Bromwich Albion
Bolton Wanderers 2 - 2 Blackpool
Fulham 1 - 1 Birmingham City
Wolverhampton Wanderers 3 - 2 Sunderland
Stoke City 1 - 1 Manchester City
West Ham United 3 - 1 Wigan Athletic
Manchester United 7 - 1 Blackburn Rovers
Aston Villa 2 - 4 Arsenal
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All the reaction from Saturday's Premier League action with Sir Alex Ferguson and Sam Allardyce both praising Dimitar Berbatov...

Manchester United 7-1 Blackburn
#Sir Alex Ferguson: "(Dimitar Berbatov's five goals) was a fantastic achievement. He could have scored six too because Paul Robinson made a fantastic save near the end. When strikers are not scoring they don't think they are doing their job right. That has always been the case. Today it came back."
#Sam Allardyce: "This won't be any easy one for us to forget. We were completely outplayed and have just gone under. Berbatov gets a lot of criticism but he has great ability and is a quality finisher. It is unfortunate for him that he has a laid-back attitude. But for me he has always been top quality."

Aston Villa 2-4 Arsenal
#Gerard Houllier: "We were poor in the first half. Whether it was because we showed them too much respect, or lacked experience, I don't know. We never got started. We were a different team in the second half, showed more energy and took more risks. It's just a shame that when we got to 2-1 that we couldn't keep the score like that for 10 minutes because, after what happened to Arsenal last week, they would have been shaky."
#Arsene Wenger: "At 2-0, at half-time, you could feel amongst the players that what happened last week (against Tottenham) had an impact in their head. When Villa came back to 2-1, it was in interesting test for my team. We could have crumbled or we could score again - and we did the latter. We got a good mental response. This team is very interesting because they are on the same wavelength in the way they want to play. But they also fight for each other. I thought we had played well against Tottenham, had a lot of possession against Braga and we responded well again."

Stoke City 1-1 Manchester City
#Tony Pulis: "It's a good point in the end, but we were desperately disappointed not to come in at half time winning the game. When you play that well against one of the best teams in the League, you have to do better when you're on top or you will pay the price. That's the one thing that let us down today. It was our final pass on occasions and our finishing where we really should do better."
#Roberto Mancini: "We deserved to win and I'm disappointed for the guys because they played very well. We tried to play football on a difficult pitch and we deserved to win 2-0. I'm happy with (Mario) Balotelli, he worked hard for the team, and I'm happy for Micah (Richards), he scored a fantastic goal. We are disappointed to concede so late, because we played some fantastic football in the second half. But if we continue to play like we did at Fulham and today, we will win a lot of games."

Everton 1-4 West Brom
#David Moyes: "We didn't start well. We went a couple of goals down because of our poor start. You can play badly and maybe get away with it but we didn't get away with it today because we didn't pick up well enough."
#Roberto di Matteo: "There were some excellent goals today - we were very clinical, which has been missing in the last few weeks from our game. I thought we played some fantastic football, we didn't show any fear. We showed a lot of courage to come here and play the football we did."

Bolton 2-2 Blackpool
#Owen Coyle: "At 2-0 down at home we made substitutions (bringing on Petrov and Rodrigo Moreno) - and I'm not being smart after the event - but I was prepared to lose the game 3-0 or 4-0 to get back into it. We effectively ended up with six attacking players on the pitch and the last 25 minutes we have scored two goals and could have scored four or five."
#Ian Holloway: "We were brilliant, a little bit naive, but to play like we did against Bolton in the form they were in....I believe that playing like that will get us more points than it loses us. I am not disappointed. I thought my team were absolutely brilliant; we came here, took the game to them, passed it and moved it and created a lot of chances.

Wolves 3-2 Sunderland
#Mick McCarthy: "I haven't seen the newspapers, but somebody rang me and said an article said that I'd had a go at the fans. I would never have a go at the fans. I have had such great support from everybody at the club, so I said I never take any notice of internet bloggers, radio phone-ins, or anything else. I said I think anybody who writes on one or rings in to one are numpties. What I do like are all those out there (the fans at Molineux), who have been brilliant."
#Steve Bruce: "If we defend like that, then it is going to be a tough winter for us again because defensively, individual mistakes have cost us the game. Obviously we were without Turner and Bramble and it showed today. We haven't been beaten against the top 10 teams which is a fantastic achievement. However, we have got to treat these ones with the same respect.

West Ham United 3-1 Wigan
#Avram Grant: "It was a good win and a convincing victory, I am happy for us and hope it is only the beginning. We played like we have all of the other games, but were more efficient today. We won, this is the difference and this is the name of the game."
#Roberto Martinez: "We conceded three very cheap goals for our standards, and that is something we will work on. We had a few players missing, but that is not an excuse. You got the feeling nothing was going our way. There was a good opportunity to get back into the game with the penalty, and then even at the end we got a good goal ruled out. It is quite clear to me the things we need to work on, but I was pleased with the reaction towards the end."

Fulham 1-1 Birmingham
#Mark Hughes: "It was difficult because at 1-0 down they got lots of people behind the ball away from. We had to keep on going, keep knocking at the door, keep showing belief, which I was really pleased with and we got back on level terms. We are very aware of where we are, you only have to look at the table. But we only five points away from seventh, so you can look at it both ways."
#Alex McLeish: "If we can keeping winning at home and take four points out of six every two games, I think we will be okay. Some day we will win away from home but nobody has discussed that at all. It is not easy to win away from home. There are no guarantees you can do it. We might never win away in the next two years but as long as we are in the Premier League I will be delighted."

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Next EPL Games!!!


Saturday November 27
Time Match
12:45 Aston VillavArsenal
15:00 FulhamvBirmingham City
15:00 Bolton WanderersvBlackpool
15:00 EvertonvWest Bromwich Albion
15:00 Manchester UnitedvBlackburn Rovers
15:00 West Ham UnitedvWigan Athletic
15:00 Stoke CityvManchester City
15:00 Wolverhampton WanderersvSunderland

Sunday November 28
Time Match
13:30 Newcastle UnitedvChelsea
16:00 Tottenham HotspurvLiverpool

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Adab Memotong Kuku Mengikut Islam!!!

Click picture to enlarge!!!
Adab2 Memotong Kuku!!!

Dipetik dari Kitab Al Jauharul Mauhub Wa Munabbahatul Qulub.Juz Pertama

Terbitn Pusat Da’wah Islamiah,Kementerian Hal Ehwal Ugama, Negara Brunei Darussalam...

Terbaru Di Penulisan2u Hari Ini!!!

Senarai en3 terbaru di penulisan2u hari ini!!!

“Novel : Setangkai Cinta Di Hati 24, 25” Berserta 19 lagi karya terbaru hari ini
Novel : Salah mencintainya 41
Novel : Cerita Tentang Kita 36
Novel : Misi Sazzalina 36
Novel : Pucuk 37
Novel : Perlu Kamu 24
Novel : Cinta Si Playboy Padaku 22
Novel : Omak Den VS Ayah Hang 21, 22
Novel : Dia Segalanya 21, 22
Novel : Kejarlah Daku, Engkau Kutangkap 20
Novel : Layar Impian 20
Novel : Pautan Cinta 20
Novel : Tengku 19
Novel : Menggenggam Bayu 19
Novel : Love 18
Novel : Maafkan abang, Tikah 18
Novel : Kau + Aku = Cinta 18
Novel : Dua jiwa satu cinta 18 (akhir)
Novel : Terjerat Kasih 15
Novel : Sorry, I *still* Love U 14
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Novel Bersiri terbaru Hari Ini!!!

PENULISAN2U: “Novel : Bila Amar Dah Suka Dia 19” Berserta 26 lagi karya terbaru hari ini!!!

Novel : Cantiknya Si Comot 16, 17
Novel : Cinta Seorang Ustaz 16
Novel : Akukah Juwita 14
Novel : Kerana Sebuah Janji 13
Novel : Kalimah Cinta 12
Novel : Selagi Ada Rindu 11, 12
Novel : Semalam Yang Ku Tinggalkan 11
Novel : Ego itu Cinta 11
Novel : Tersungkur Untuk Masyhur 10, 11
Novel : Cinta 86400 Detik 10
Novel : Ledigagak 9
Novel : Benci Tapi Rindu 9
Novel : Rantai Hati 8, 9
Novel : Kerana Zulia Zafira 9
Novel : Musuh vs cinta 9
Novel : Wonderfull Life 9
Novel : kau bukan dia 8
Novel : Segalanya Mungkin 8
Novel : Dialah Cinta Terakhirku 7
Novel : Di Sebalik Rahsia Cinta 7
Novel : kasih selamanya 5, 6
Novel : My Darling 7
Novel : Bila Hati Dah Suka 6
Novel : Andai Ku Temui Jua 3, 4

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Enthiran. The most expensive movie ever made in India and the most widely marketed Tamil movie around the world. Finally being able to catch the movie on the 2nd(dem u Askwad & Abe coz watching the movie at the first day on cinema without me) day of its release, and watching this movie AGAIN three days later(credit to Hj.Akmal Tasli for that free ticket)...

My comment: I give 4.5/5.. Interesting movie... Nice songs... I love almost all songs and choreography in this movie... Nice CGI effect(yes it's not perfect like Hollywood, but still i like it)... First 1 hr we can see more comedy element and the rest of the movie become more interesting with dramas, and actions(What the fish,when they start using CGI effect, it was extremely ridiculous and full of imagination, but still very interesting)...

My conclusion: Berbaloi-baloi....

p/s: Dah lama dah aku tengok movie neh.. Cuma lupa nak wat ulasan je..

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Dr Rozmey punya filem lah!!!

Inikah yang dikatakan fenomena 2 Alam.... Fenomena cendawan dan kegagalankah???

Monday, November 22, 2010

We hate Rozmey!!!

Hahaha.. Amek ko!!!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Latest EPL Result!!!


Saturday November 20


Liverpool 3 - 0 West Ham United
Birmingham City 1 - 0 Chelsea
Blackpool 2 - 1 Wolverhampton Wanderers
Bolton Wanderers 5 - 1 Newcastle United
West Bromwich Albion 0 - 3 Stoke City
Manchester United 2 - 0 Wigan Athletic
Arsenal 2 - 3 Tottenham Hotspur

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EPL games tonight... Live!!!

Saturday November 20
Time Match
LIVE! Arsenal vs Tottenham Hotspur
LIVE! Bolton Wanderers vs Newcastle United
LIVE! Blackpool vs Wolverhampton Wanderers
LIVE! Birmingham City vs Chelsea
LIVE! Manchester United vs Wigan Athletic
LIVE! West Bromwich Albion vs Stoke City
17:30 Liverpool vs West Ham United

Live Score!!! click here!!!

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Aklanon (Philippines) --Mayad-ayad nga gabi-i
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Tashkorghani (Central Asia) --Charj huthm wayn
Tatar (Russia, China) --Tynych yoky
Tatar (Russia, China) --Xeyirli tön
Telugu (India) --Namaskaaram
Tetum (East Timor) --Kalan diak
Tetum (East Timor) --Kalan kmanek
Tetum (East Timor) [from Portuguese] --Bonoite
Thai (Thailand) --Ra-tree sawat
Tibetan (Tibet) --Simja nâng-gaw
Tlingit (Canada, USA) --Juk'e-ri-tat
Tok Pisin (Papua New Guinea) --Gut nait
Tongan (Tonga, Pacific Islands) --Mohe a
Tongan (Tonga, Pacific Islands) --Po'uli a
Trobes Tokples (Trobriand Papua New Guinea) --Bwena bogic
Tsonga (South Africa) --Riperile
Turkish (Turkey, Northern Cyprus) --yi geceler
Turkmen (Turkmenistan) --Gijängiz rahat bolsun

Udmurt (Russia) --Ziech kel
Udmurt (Russia) --Ziech kele
Ukrainian (Ukraine) --Na dobranich
Ukrainian (Ukraine) --Dobranich
Unagan [Aleut] (Alaska) --Angali kingachxicax
Ute (Colorado and Utah USA) --Ati'tugwanak'
Uvean (Wallis and Futuna, Vanuatu) --Moe la
Uyghur (Central Asia) --Yakhshi chüsh körüng
Uzbek (Central Asia) --Hairli tun

Valencian (Spain) --Bona nit
Venda (South Africa) --Idem avhudi
Vietnamese (Vietnam) --Chúc ngủ ngon
Votic (Russia) --Üvä öö

Welsh (Wales) --Nos da
Wolof (West Africa) --Fanaanal jaam

Xhosa (Southern Africa) --Rhonanai
Xhosa (Southern Africa) --Ulale kakuhle

Yiddish (Russia, USA) --Ah gute nakht
Yoruba [evening] [to same age or younger] --Ku irole
Yoruba [evening] [to older person] --E ku irole
Yupik (Alaska USA) --Ata gook cha gina

Zapotec (Villa Alta Mexico) --Padiull
Zapotec (Yatzachi Mexico) --Padiox
Zapotec (Yatzachi Mexico) --Padioxei
Zapotec (Yatzachi Mexico) [old] --Sha'oza yel
Zapotec (Yatzachi Mexico) [old] --Tsha'oza yel
Zapotec (Yatzachi Mexico) [old; respectful] --Sha'oza zhe
Zapotec (Yatzachi Mexico) [old; response] --Sha'oza cuino'
Zapotec (Yatzachi Mexico) [old; response] --Aozhoscuino'
Zapotec (Yulalag Mexico) --Padiuzhe
Zulu (South Africa, Lesotho) --Lala khale
Zulu (South Africa, Lesotho) --Lalani kahle

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Premier League - Team of the Week: Kenwyne can win!!!

Find out who joins Kenwyne Jones in our elite XI from the weekend's Premier League action!!!

Mark Schwarzer (Fulham)
The Australian picked up his third clean sheet of the season as the Whites claimed a point at St James' Park. Having been unsettled by rumours of a move earlier in the season, Schwarzer is back to his old self.

Nedum Onuoha (Sunderland)
The defender became the first Sunderland player not named 'Bent' or 'Gyan' to score this season as his amazing solo goal put the Black Cats on the way to a 3-0 win against Chelsea at Stamford Bridge.

Johan Djourou (Arsenal)
The Swiss youngster proved an able stand-in at Everton with Thomas Vermaelen and Laurent Koscielny missing, perhaps making Arsene Wenger reconsider whether he really needs defensive reinforcements.

Scott Dann (Birmingham City)
The big centre-back was effective at both ends of the pitch as Birmingham picked up an unexpected point away to Manchester City. Dann's towering aerial presence kept one Carlos Tevez under wraps.

Gareth Bale (Tottenham Hotspur)
Yes, he was playing in midfield, but we had to get him in the team somehow. The Welshman continued his imperious form with two goals and an assist in Tottenham's 4-2 win at home to Blackburn.

Lee Chung-Yong (Bolton Wanderers)
The ever-impressive Korean played a key role in Bolton's 3-2 win away to Wolves, setting up Stuart Holden's goal and causing no end of trouble down the right flank.

Scott Parker (West Ham)
For better or worse, he has become the Hammers' heartbeat and their only realistic chance of avoiding relegation. He once again played a starring role in probably the best goalless draw ever against Blackpool.

Charlie Adam (Blackpool)
Ian Holloway might not agree, but what Parker does for West Ham, Adam does for Blackpool. The Tangerines skipper nearly scored one of the goals of the season at Upton Park with a lob from halfway that drifted just over.

Stewart Downing (Aston Villa)
Remember him? Every England fan's one-time nemesis has been in cracking form for Villa this season, and tore Manchester United to shreds, getting the assist for Marc Albrighton's goal.

Asamoah Gyan (Sunderland)
The Black Cats' record signing continues to lead the line with aplomb in Darren Bent's absence. The Ghanaian's pace and agility makes him a nightmare to defend against, and he finished coolly for Sunderland's second at Chelsea.

Kenwyne Jones (Stoke City)
The big Trinidad and Tobago striker scored Stoke's second goal against Liverpool to round off a superb all-round display as his aerial presence and sheer strength inspired the Potters to a famous win.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Vettel becomes youngest F1 champion!!!

Sebastian Vettel became Formula One's youngest world champion after winning the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix at Yas Marina from pole position!!!

The victory, coupled with Fernando Alonso finishing outside the top four, was enough for the German to make it a double championship season for Red Bull who had already claimed the teams' title at the penultimate race in Brazil.
Spain's double world champion finished seventh ahead of Vettel's team-mate Mark Webber, with both title hopefuls enduring a frustrating evening of racing in the twilight then floodlit darkness of the marina circuit.

P. Driver Team Time
1 Sebastian Vettel Red Bull 1:39:36.837
2 Lewis Hamilton McLaren + 10.162
3 Jenson Button McLaren + 11.047
4 Nico Rosberg Mercedes GP + 30.747
5 Robert Kubica Renault + 39.026
6 Vitaly Petrov Renault + 43.520
7 Fernando Alonso Ferrari + 43.797
8 Mark Webber Red Bull + 44.243
9 Jaime Alguersuari Toro Rosso + 50.201
10 Felipe Massa Ferrari + 50.868
11 Nick Heidfeld Sauber + 51.551
12 Rubens Barrichello Williams + 57.686
13 Adrian Sutil Force India + 58.325
14 Kamui Kobayashi Sauber + 59.558
15 Sebastien Buemi Toro Rosso + 1:03.178
16 Nico Hülkenberg Williams + 1:04.763
17 Heikki Kovalainen Lotus at 1 lap
18 Lucas Di Grassi Virgin at 2 laps
19 Bruno Senna Hispania at 2 laps
20 Christian Klien Hispania at 2 laps
21 Jarno Trulli Lotus at 4 laps (DNF)
22 Timo Glock Virgin at 12 laps (DNF)
23 Michael Schumacher Mercedes GP at 55 laps (DNF)
24 Vitantonio Liuzzi Force India at 55 laps (DNF)

Pos Driver
1 Sebastian Vettel (Red Bull) 256
2 Fernando Alonso (Ferrari) 252
3 Mark Webber (Red Bull) 242
4 Lewis Hamilton (McLaren) 240
5 Jenson Button (McLaren) 214
6 Felipe Massa (Ferrari) 144
7 Nico Rosberg (Mercedes) 142
8 Robert Kubica (Renault) 136
9 Michael Schumacher (Mercedes) 72
10 Rubens Barrichello (Williams) 47
11 Adrian Sutil (Force India) 47
12 Kamui Kobayashi (Sauber) 32
13 Vitaly Petrov (Renault) 27
14 Nico Hülkenberg (Williams) 22
15 Vitantonio Liuzzi (Force India)21
16 Sebastien Buemi (Toro Rosso) 8
17 Pedro de la Rosa (Sauber) 6
18 Nick Heidfeld (Sauber) 6
19 Jaime Alguersuari (Toro Rosso) 5
20 Bruno Senna (Hispania) 0
21 Christian Klien (Hispania) 0
22 Heikki Kovalainen (Lotus) 0
23 Jarno Trulli (Lotus) 0
24 Karun Chandhok (Hispania) 0
25 Lucas Di Grassi (Virgin) 0
26 Sakon Yamamoto (Hispania) 0
27 Timo Glock (Virgin) 0

Sunday, November 14, 2010

The title decider: Abu Dhabi GP LIVE!!!

Fernando Alonso, Mark Webber, Sebastian Vettel, Lewis Hamilton; one of these will be crowned Formula One world champion at the Abu Dhabi GP

Click this link to follow Abu Dhabi GP LIVE!!!

Vettel clinches crucial Abu Dhabi pole!!!

Red Bull's Sebastian Vettel gave his Formula One title chances a significant boost by claiming pole position at the season-ending Abu Dhabi Grand Prix at the Yas Marina circuit!!!

P. Driver Team Time
1 Sebastian Vettel Red Bull 1:39.394
2 Lewis Hamilton McLaren +00.031
3 Fernando Alonso Ferrari +00.398
4 Jenson Button McLaren +00.429
5 Mark Webber Red Bull +00.531
6 Felipe Massa Ferrari +00.808
7 Rubens Barrichello Williams +00.809
8 Michael Schumacher Mercedes GP +01.122
9 Nico Rosberg Mercedes GP +01.195
10 Vitaly Petrov Renault +01.507
11 Robert Kubica Renault +01.386
12 Kamui Kobayashi Sauber +01.389
13 Adrian Sutil Force India +01.520
14 Nick Heidfeld Sauber +01.719
15 Nico Hülkenberg Williams +02.024
16 Vitantonio Liuzzi Force India +02.248
17 Jaime Alguersuari Toro Rosso +02.344
18 Sebastien Buemi Toro Rosso +02.430
19 Jarno Trulli Lotus +04.122
20 Heikki Kovalainen Lotus +04.318
21 Timo Glock Virgin +04.701
22 Lucas Di Grassi Virgin +05.116
23 Bruno Senna Hispania +05.691
24 Christian Klien Hispania +05.902

WBA heavyweight: Haye batters Harrison in three rounds!!!

David Haye easily retained his WBA heavyweight title with a third round technical knockout against fellow Briton Audley Harrison, who threw just one punch in a pitiful display!!!

After a cautious first round, where fans at Manchester's MEN Arena booed both boxers for their defensive approach, the fight sprang to life in the third when Haye landed with a barrage of right hooks and uppercuts which sent Harrison to the canvas.
Harrison managed to beat the count but the bout was stopped shortly after with the challenger offering no offence as Haye continued to land heavy blows.

The win extended Haye's record to 25 victories (23 knockouts) and one defeat and immediately posed the question of when he would take on one or both of the Klitschko brothers, who hold the four other heavyweight titles.

Latest EPL Result!!!

Latest Result!!!

Saturday November 13


Stoke City 2 - 0 Liverpool
Manchester City 0 - 0 Birmingham City
Wolverhampton Wanderers 2 - 3 Bolton Wanderers
Newcastle United 0 - 0 Fulham
Tottenham Hotspur 4 - 2 Blackburn Rovers
West Ham United 0 - 0 Blackpool
Wigan Athletic 1 - 0 West Bromwich Albion
Aston Villa 2 - 2 Manchester United

1 Chelsea 12 9 1 2 23 28
2 Manchester United 13 6 7 0 11 25
3 Arsenal 12 7 2 3 13 23
4 Manchester City 13 6 4 3 5 22
5 Bolton Wanderers 13 4 7 2 2 19
6 Tottenham Hotspur 13 5 4 4 1 19
7 Newcastle United 13 5 3 5 5 18
8 Aston Villa 13 4 5 4 -3 17
9 Sunderland 12 3 7 2 -1 16
10 Stoke City 13 5 1 7 -3 16
11 Liverpool 13 4 4 5 -4 16
12 West Bromwich Albion 13 4 4 5 -6 16
13 Everton 12 3 6 3 2 15
14 Blackburn Rovers 13 4 3 6 -3 15
15 Blackpool 13 4 3 6 -7 15
16 Fulham 13 2 8 3 0 14
17 Wigan Athletic 13 3 5 5 -11 14
18 Birmingham City 13 2 7 4 -3 13
19 Wolverhampton Wanderers 13 2 3 8 -10 9
20 West Ham United 13 1 6 6 -11 9

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Next EPL clash!!!

Next Fixtures!!!

View the line-up and match-cast!!! Also live-cast when the games start...

Click match for Team Line-Up and Match Cast!!!

Saturday November 13

Time Match

12:45 Aston Villa v Manchester United
15:00 Wigan Athletic v West Bromwich Albion
15:00 West Ham United v Blackpool
15:00 Tottenham Hotspur v Blackburn Rovers
15:00 Newcastle United v Fulham
15:00 Wolverhampton Wanderers v Bolton Wanderers
15:00 Manchester City v Birmingham City
17:30 Stoke City v Liverpool

Sunday November 14

Time Match
14:00 Everton v Arsenal
16:10 Chelsea v Sunderland

Friday, November 12, 2010

Kesian, tapi lawak we!!!

Sadis ya amat!!!

PENULISAN2U: “Novel : Terlanjur Mencintaimu 25” Berserta 11 lagi karya terbaru hari ini!!!

Karya terbaru hari ini di!!!

* Novel : Terlanjur Mencintaimu 25
* Novel : Pilihan Hati 20, 21
* Novel : Lady Gagah 21
* Novel : Setangkai Cinta Di Hati 20, 21
* Novel : Omak Den VS Ayah Hang 19
* Novel : Kejarlah Daku, Engkau Kutangkap 18
* Novel : Layar Impian 18
* Novel : Pautan Cinta 18
* Novel : Menggenggam Bayu 17
* Novel : Cinta Bertandang Lagi 17
* Novel : Dua jiwa satu cinta 16
* Novel : Cinta Seorang Ustaz 15
*Klik untuk baca*

Euro 2012 qual. - Carroll set for senior England call-up!!!

Andy Carroll looks set to be handed his maiden England call-up after the Newcastle striker was left out of the U21 squad for Tuesday's friendly in Germany!!!

Carroll has been widely tipped to be selected by Fabio Capello for Wednesday's senior friendly against France and his omission from the Young Lions party will only serve to fuel that speculation.

However, the 21-year-old was also left out by head coach Stuart Pearce for last month's UEFA U21 Championship play-off with Romania and that did not lead to a call-up from Capello.

Pearce reportedly axed Carroll from the Romania matches after being unhappy about the nature of his withdrawal from September's Under-21 Championship qualifiers against Portugal and Lithuania.

As well as taking the Premier League by storm since Newcastle's promotion - scoring seven goals in 12 appearances - Carroll has made headlines off the field for all the wrong reasons this season.

But this does not look like putting off Capello, who is desperate to find a top-class foil for Wayne Rooney.

Jack Wilshere also looks set to keep his place in the senior squad after being left out by Pearce, who today handed three players their maiden U21 call-ups for Tuesday's game in Wiesbaden.

Chelsea midfielder Josh McEachran, 17, Swansea striker Scott Sinclair, 21, and Manchester City defender Ben Mee, 21, were named in what was a small 20-man squad.

Everton midfielder Jack Rodwell was also back in the fold after recovering from the ankle injury which has sidelined him since August.

City's Micah Richards was back after missing the Romania games through injury, but there was no place for Blackburn defender Phil Jones, Sunderland midfielder Jordan Henderson or Watford goalkeeper Scott Loach, which may mean they are being considered by Capello for the senior game.

Former Chelsea striker Sinclair was rewarded for the form that has seen him score 11 times for Swansea this season.

McEachran, who helped England lift the European U17 Championship earlier this year, recently made his Premier League and Champions League debut for Chelsea.

Mee, who played at last year's U20 World Cup in Egypt, has made one appearance for City this season.

Pearce, whose side this week drew Spain, Czech Republic and Ukraine at next summer's U21 Championship, said: "It's only a small squad but we want to make sure that everyone has the possibility of getting some game time.

"Fabio picking one or two to step up into the seniors might mean we'll be short of a few of those players, so it's given me an opportunity to look at some who are not playing regularly at their clubs and need to get some football with us.

"One or two who have played a lot for their clubs will also get a little break if they're not needed with the seniors."

Tuesday's match is a repeat of last summer's U21 Championship final, which saw England thrashed 4-0.

However, Germany failed to qualify for next year's showpiece.

Pearce added: "They'll probably blood a lot of their next clutch of players and they'll have a lot to prove.

"Germany are very much unknown to us at this stage.

"By not qualifying this time around, their focus will be sharpened for the next campaign."

England U21 squad for friendly against Germany in Wiesbaden

Frank Fielding (Blackburn), Jason Steele (Middlesbrough); Ryan Bertrand (Chelsea), Martin Kelly (Liverpool), Michael Mancienne (Chelsea), Micah Richards (Man City), Chris Smalling (Man Utd), Kyle Walker (Tottenham), Ben Mee (Man City); Marc Albrighton (Aston Villa), Tom Cleverley (Man Utd), Jack Cork (Chelsea), Henri Lansbury (Arsenal), Josh McEachran (Chelsea), Fabrice Muamba (Bolton), Jack Rodwell (Everton), Danny Rose (Tottenham); Nathan Delfouneso (Aston Villa), Scott Sinclair (Swansea), Danny Welbeck (Man Utd).

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Nascar Power Rankings!!!

Power Rankings!!!
Future so bright

Who's the hottest driver not named Denny Hamlin?
How about Joey Logano?

Rank: Name --> Comments

1: Denny Hamlin --> There's a reason why we've had Hamlin atop the Power Rankings for the past two weeks, and Sunday he showed why. Now we'll see how he handles being No. 1.

2: Jimmie Johnson --> On the flipside, now we'll see how Johnson handles coming from behind. He's been rock-solid as the leader. Will he be in comeback mode?

3: Kevin Harvick --> It's starting to slip away from Harvick, who has been good, just not good enough. It will take at least one win for Harvick to climb back in the hunt now.

4: Kyle Busch --> NASCAR had better be careful in how they handle Kyle Busch. If they neuter him, they'll have silenced the most entertaining driver in the field.

5: Jeff Gordon --> There are plenty of questions surrounding Gordon, but one thing that's not in doubt is his fire. Gordon still has it, and showed Jeff Burton as much at Texas.

6: Joey Logano --> Anyone doubting Logano now? In the last four races, he's finished 7th, 6th, 5th and 4th – on a short track, restrictor plate track and two intermediates.

7: Clint Bowyer --> Just so you know, if not for the 150-point penalty, Bowyer would be fourth in the standings. A distant fourth, but still fourth.

8: Mark Martin --> Yes, it's too little, too late, but Martin is certainly setting himself up for a solid start to his 2011 (and possibly final) season.

9: Carl Edwards --> How good have Hamlin, Johnson and Harvick been in the Chase? Edwards sits in fourth, 317 points down.

10: Tony Stewart --> It's becoming clear that the 14 team is focused on 2011. Smoke was solid in the first half of the Chase, but has been a non-factor since his win in California.

11: Matt Kenseth --> What's more surprising – Kenseth sitting fifth in the standings or the Browns beating the Patriots? We're going with Kenseth.

12: Greg Biffle --> The class of the field at Texas, Biffle once again showed that when it comes to the intermediate tracks, he's as good as anyone.

Lucky Dog: Trevor Bayne --> A solid Cup debut for Bayne. The kid Mark Martin pegged as the next up-and-coming star finished 17th, or eight spots ahead of Dale Earnhardt Jr.

DNF: Kurt Busch --> Ummm, not really sure what you're trying to accomplish when you call your crew stupid.

Disclaimer: The NASCAR Power Rankings are based on the opinions of the Yahoo! Sports editorial staff and do not necessarily reflect actual driver standings or race results. Send a question or comment on the latest rankings.