Friday, December 31, 2010

Malaysia Win AFF Suzuki Cup 2010: Full of glory to Malaysia in 2010!!!

Alhamdulillah .. fulfilled the prayer of the people of Malaysia football team we managed to bring home the trophy this year's Suzuki...

Although laser is used as an excuse and does not preclude an aggressive provocation Malaysia to become a champion of football in the ASEAN region. Congratulations to the national team for their commitment, hard work and enthusiasm for the country. Further efforts are to keep winning football is to uphold the Malaysia in the Asia region. Malaysia can take the model of Barcelona in Spain will gather all the Spanish players in a team. Iniesta, Xavi, David Villa, Pique, Puyol, Pedro was the mainstay of the Spanish victory at the 2010 World Cup.

Malaysia also needs to more often hold friendly matches with teams ranked in the world about Malaysia's ranking. Whatever the welfare of young players should be given attention to Malaysia win the national team long term. Football has been in the real platform, continued efforts should be made to maintain the existing momentum. Congratulations once again on the national team. Rio Ferdinand has praised the victory of the national team.

Ape2 pon, by this we won the title of Southeast Asia. wow great that, hahah .. even though we lost the final two, but it still does not change the fact that Malaysia won.

For me the championship is to treat the liver during the Malaysian supporters waiting for the success of our football team.

And thank you for giving me the PM we leave tomorrow after this victory. but I do not work too, hahah .. takpe lah .. enjoy je la ..

I hope the next year and so much more to be gained from the success of our football team. amin .

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Malaysia on brink of famous victory!!!

The fiercely competitive and hugely unpredictable AFF Suzuki Cup reaches its climax in Jakarta on Wednesday with the young Tigers of Malaysia looking to protect a three-goal advantage over shell-shocked Indonesia in what is sure to be a pressure-cooker atmosphere in the Gelora Bung Karno Stadium.

Malaysia pulled off a surprise 3-0 victory over favourites Indonesia in the first leg of the final before 80,000 fans at Kuala Lumpur's Bukit Jalil Stadium on Sunday.

The youthful Malaysian side, full of confidence after beating defending champions Vietnam 2-0 on aggregate in the semi-finals and sensing a first ever AFF Suzuki Cup crown, ran riot during a spellbinding 12-minute period in the second half to take control of the two-legged final.

Goal-machine Safee Sali scored twice with substitute Ashari Samsudin also getting his name on the scoresheet much to the delight of the partisan home crowd.

While Safee soared to the top of the scoring charts with four goals, strike partner Norshahrul Idlan put himself firmly in the frame for MVP honours with his alertness and close control setting up Malaysia's first and second goal.

He took full advantage of a loss of focus and shape in the previously foot-perfect Indonesian defence to twice wriggle clear of his markers on the byline and tee up Safee and then Ashari for their goals.

The stirring second half performance from Malaysia spoke volumes for the tactical nous of their coach K. Rajagobal who sent on attacking midfielder Ashari after the break.

He urged his young charges to be more adventurous going forward, an approach that paid handsome dividends.

It will be tempting for Malaysia to park a yellow and black bus in front of their goal and soak up what is sure to be wave after wave of Indonesian pressure in the second leg.

That tactic worked against Vietnam in the cauldron-like My Dinh Stadium when Malaysia successfully safeguarded a 2-0 lead and with the glittering prize within their grasp Rajagobal may go for the pragmatic over the daring.

He knows that all it will take to seal the deal is for the in-form Safee to put the final touch to a quick breakaway.

Indonesia coach Alfred Riedl has plenty to occupy his mind before the second leg after his team hit the self-destruct button when play resumed after a six-minute delay to allow organisers to deal with the issue of lasers being pointed in the eyes of some Indonesian players.

He will have to decide whether or not to stick with striker Cristian Gonzales, who had a quiet game after his goal-scoring heroics in the semi-final, or call in the cavalry and hand the iconic Bambang Pamungkas his first start of the tournament.

Irfan Bachdim, the new poster boy of Indonesia football, may also be in line for a recall in place of Yongki Aribowo, who starred in the second-leg of the semi-final against the Philippines but failed to reach similar heights on Sunday.

Riedl rates Indonesia's chances of pulling back three goals in 90 minutes as "slim" but recent history points to it being far from a mission impossible.

Indonesia hammered Malaysia 5-1 in their opening game of the AFF Suzuki Cup and in the semi-finals of the 2004 tournament they came from 3-1 behind on aggregate to score four goals in the final 31 minutes of the second leg to win 5-3.

The videos of those games will be required watching as Riedl tries to motivate his team for one last push towards glory and a first AFF Suzuki Cup title.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Match of the weekend: Newcastle United v Manchester City!!!

City ripe for Toon taking!!!

Newcastle normally save their best performances for games they're not expected to win while City are still under pressure thanks to their major internal problems.

The Carlos Tevez situation hasn't gone away, whatever club management says, as these issues don't suddenly resolve themselves after a nice chat.

There must have been promises from the owners and there will be major concerns in the dressing room that he has retained the captaincy in such circumstances.

I maintain that Tevez's issue is with Roberto Mancini who, for all his public claims, will not have wanted the player to keep the armband.

Mancini was a top, top player at club and international level, and as a player he would not have condoned someone retaining a position of leadership after what Tevez did.

I think there was a little coercion from executive level and, while Mancini's background in Italy means he will have no problem with interference from the board, I doubt the decision was fully his.

City have a bit to do if they are to become top four contenders, let alone title challengers, as you cannot buy cohesion and team spirit: if you go down the route of a massive, sudden outlay to achieve success then the road will be rocky.

Toon, meanwhile, have had their problems at home but they beat Liverpool and I believe, in general, the players struggle with the weight of expectation at St James' Park: when they go into a match as underdogs, as they will on Boxing Day, they tend to perform better.

This is a great chance for Alan Pardew to create a siege mentality, and use it to the team's advantage: the club is not stable, the owner is widely reviled and the fans are naturally suspicious of the coach.

For more detail about the match CLICK HERE!!!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Xmas Yooo!!!!

May your Christmas be filled with joy and happiness. Best wishes for now and the coming year. Merry Xmas yooo.... Hooo.... hooooo.... hooooooo......

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Software Myths!!!

Software Myths!!!

The above pictures elucidate that the techies understand the problem differently than what it really is and it results to a different solution as the problem itself is misunderstood.So the problem understanding i.e. requirement analysis must be done properly to avoid any problems in later stages as it will have devastating effects.

Software Myths : Myth is defined as "widely held but false notation" by the oxford dictionary, so as in other fields software arena also has some myths to demystify.Pressman insists "Software myths- beliefs about software and the process used to build it- can be traced to earliest days of computing. Myths have a number of attributes that have made them insidious." So software myths prevail but though they do are not clearly visible they have the potential to harm all the parties involved in the software development process mainly the developer team. Tom DeMarco expresses “In the absence of meaningful standards, a new industry like software comes to depend instead on folklore."The given statement points out that the software industry caught pace just some decades back so it has not matured to a formidable level and there are no strict standards in software development. There does not exist one best method of software development that ultimately equates to the ubiquitous software myths.

Primarily, there are three types of software myths, all the three are stated below: 1. Management Myth
2. Customer Myth
3. Practitioner/Developer Myth
Before defining the above three myths one by one lets scrutinize why these myths occur on the first place. The picture below tries to clarify the complexity of the problem of software development requirement analysis mainly between the developer team and the clients.

1.Management Myths: Managers with software responsibility, like managers in most disciplines, are often under pressure to maintain budgets, keep schedules from slipping, and improve quality. Like a drowning person who grasps at a straw, a software manager often grasps at belief in a software myth, if those beliefs will lessen the pressure (even temporarily). Some common managerial myths stated by Roger
Pressman include:
I.We have standards and procedures for building software, so developers have everything they need to know.
II.We have state-of-the-art software development tools; after all, we buy the latest computer.
III.If we're behind schedule, we can add more programmers to catch up.
IV.A good manger can manage any project.

The managers completely ignore that fact that they are working on something intangible but very important to the clients which invites more trouble than solution. So a software project manger must have worked well with the software development process analyzing the minute deals associated with the field learning the nitty-gritty and the tips and trick of the trade. The realities are self understood as it is already stated how complex the software development process is.

2.Customer Myths: A customer who requests computer software may be a person at the next desk, a technical group down the hall, the marketing/sales department, or an outside company that has requested software under contract. In many cases, the customer believes myths about software because software managers and practitioners do little to correct misinformation. Myths lead to false expectations (by the customer) and, ultimately, dissatisfaction with the developer. Commonly held myths by the clients are:
I.A general statement of objectives is sufficient to begin writing programs - we can fill in the details later.
II.Requirement changes are easy to accommodate because software is flexible.
III.I know what my problem is; therefore I know how to solve it.
This primarily is seen evidently because the clients do not have a first hand experience in software development and they think that it's an easy process.

3.Practitioner/ Developer Myths: Myths that are still believed by software practitioners have been fostered by over 50 years of programming culture. During the early days of software, programming was viewed as an art form. Old ways and attitudes die hard. A malpractice seen is developers are that they think they know everything and neglect the peculiarity of each problem.
I.If I miss something now, I can fix it later.
II.Once the program is written and running, my job is done.
III.Until a program is running, there's no way of assessing its quality.
IV.The only deliverable for a software project is a working program.
Every developer should try to get all requirement is relevant detail to effectively design and code the system.

Some misplaced assumptions that intensify the myths are listed below:
1.All requirements can be pre-specified
2.Users are experts at specification of their needs
3.Users and developers are both good at visualization
4.The project team is capable of unambiguous communication
On the whole, realities are always different from the myths. So the myths must be demystified and work should be based on systematic, scientific and logical bases than the irrational myths. The systemic view must be considered to determine the success of any software project its not only the matter of hard skills but soft skills of the developer team also matter to come up with a efficient system.

What is Software engineering?

Software Engineering!!!

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia ~ Software engineering (SE) is a profession dedicated to designing, implementing, and modifying software so that it is of higher quality, more affordable, maintainable, and faster to build. It is a "systematic approach to the analysis, design, assessment, implementation, test, maintenance and re-engineering of a software by applying engineering to the software". The term software engineering first appeared in the 1968 NATO Software Engineering Conference, and was meant to provoke thought regarding the perceived "software crisis" at the time. Since the field is still relatively young compared to its sister fields of engineering, there is still much debate around what software engineering actually is, and if it conforms to the classical definition of engineering. The IEEE Computer Society's Software Engineering Body of Knowledge defines "software engineering" as the application of a systematic, disciplined, quantifiable approach to the development, operation, and maintenance of software, and the study of these approaches; that is, the application of engineering to software. It is the application of Engineering to software because it integrates significant mathematics, computer science and practices whose origins are in Engineering.
Software development, a much used and more generic term, does not necessarily subsume the engineering paradigm. Although it is questionable what impact it has had on actual software development over the last more than 40 years, the field's future looks bright according to Money Magazine and, who rated "software engineering" as the best job in the United States in 2006.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

My Timetable For This Semester!!!


Malaysia ~ 144th!!!

Pasukan negara kita melonjak 6 anak tangga....Terbaik....Berada di tangga ke 144....

2010 AFF SUZUKI CUP~Malaysia delirious as Saffee plays hero!!!

Thumped 5-1 by Indonesia in their opening fixture of this year's AFF Suzuki Cup, Malaysia were written off by all and sundry.

K Rajagopal's charges looked limp in attack, shoddy in defence and were not even expected to qualify from a group based in Jakarta that also featured regional powerhouses Thailand and much-improved Laos.

Now, they stand 90 minutes away from an unexpected spot in the final.

Last night, Malaysia beat defending champions Vietnam 2-0 in the first of a two-leg semi-final at Kuala Lumpur's Bukit Jalil Stadium.

Safee Sali was the hero of the night, grabbing both goals in a match that saw Vietnam's goalkeeper Bui Tan Truong turn villain.

Safee's first goal came in the 61st minute, a glancing header that slipped comically through Bui's hands, much to the delight of the thousands of passionate Malaysian fans on the terraces.

It turned from bad to worse for the 24-year-old Vietnamese.

In the 79th minute, Bui could only parry a weak Safiq Rahim shot straight into the path of Malaysia's No 10 and Safee coolly slotted home to send the crowd wild.

The brace was Safee's first goals of the tournament.

The second leg of the last four clash will be held at Hanoi's My Dinh Stadium on Saturday and Vietnam coach Henrique Calisto of Portugal will have his work cut out to overturn the two-goal deficit.

Tonight, the Philippines take on tournament favourites Indonesia at the Gelora Bung Karno Stadium in Jakarta in the first leg of the second semi-final.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

2011 Proton Saga FL launched in Malaysia!!!

Saga FL!!!

Powered by the same 1,332 cc Campro engine with 94 hp and 120 Nm, the Saga FL gets Proton’s new face, which will be sign of things to come. As detailed before, the new exterior consists of new lamps front and rear, new grille, new bumpers on both ends and new design rims. Standard variants ride on 175/70 R13 wheels while Executive FLs use 185/60 R14 rubber.

The Saga is available in Solid White, Tranquility Black, Genetic Silver, and two new flours – Cafe Latte and Blue Rock.

Of course, the most important part are the new prices. Prices have gone up by about RM1,000 to RM1,300 across the board, which is not too bad a jump considering there’s an extra passenger airbag in the airbag-equipped models. In the price comparison, we’ll compare the Standard with the B-Line and the Executive with the M-Line.

@Saga #Difference **Saga Facelift
1.3 Standard M/T @RM36,998 #RM1,000 **RM37,998
1.3 Standard A/T @RM39,998 #RM1,000 **RM40,998
1.3 Executive M/T @RM39,498 #RM1,200 **RM40,698
1.3 Executive A/T @RM41,998 #RM1,300 **RM43,298

New Saga Facelift Pictures!!!

This is the pic of Saga facelift!!!

What do you think?

Aurat oh Aurat!!!


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Premier League - Park sends United top!!!

Ji-Sung Park scored the winner as Manchester United returned to the top of the Premier League with a 1-0 victory over Arsenal at Old Trafford!!!

The South Korean struck in the 41st minute, diverting a header over debutant keeper Wojciech Szczesny as United leapfrogged the Londoners at the top of the table.
United could even afford a missed second-half penalty from Wayne Rooney as they went two points ahead of Arsenal with a game in hand and broke a club record for their best unbeaten start to the season in the process, extending their run to 16 games.
The goal came as Nani’s cross from the right deflected off Gael Clichy and Park adjusted his body quickly to direct his effort over the 20-year-old Pole and in-off the post.
The Gunners were better after the break but created few clear-cut chances and have now won just once in their last 10 matches against United.
Szczesny became the youngest keeper used in the Premier League this season and Rooney and Nani tested his handling early on but he was equal to the task.
He was flat footed however when Sebastien Squillaci headed Darren Fletcher’s cross straight to Nani whose first time shot flashed past the post.
Rooney then curled an effort straight into the welcoming arms of Szczesny before a strong penalty shout was waved away when Nani’s cross struck the hand of Marouane Chamakh.
Chamakh’s stooping header was the visitors’ only effort on goal in the opening period although they had a chance for an instant equaliser only for Andrey Arshavin to drag his shot past the post.
Szczesny made an excellent stop soon after the break as Rooney’s toe poke found Anderson and he was denied by Arsenal’s third choice custodian who came out and made the starfish save made famous on this ground by Peter Schemichel.
Arsenal continued to struggle to carve out clear-cut chances and when Samir Nasri’s shot was pushed out by Edwin van der Sar only as far as Chamakh, the outstanding Nemanja Vidic slid in to block the follow-up.
Nani then spurned a great chance as he lifted his shot over the crossbar before Arsene Wenger made a double change with the introduction of skipper Cesc Fabregas, returning after a hamstring injury, and Robin van Persie.
The match should have been settled 17 minutes from time when Nani hit the ball against the arm of Clichy, who was on the ground after slipping, and referee Howard Webb pointed to the penalty spot on the advice of his assistant.
But Rooney lifted the ball high over the crossbar – his fourth miss in his last nine Premier League penalty attempts.
Rooney almost made amends in audacious fashion but his chip was palmed away by the leaping Szczesny and United were never really put under sustained pressure.
Theo Walcott looked lively in a brief cameo but when he volleyed over deep into injury-time, Arsenal’s last chance had gone and they have now failed to score in six of their last nine League visits to Old Trafford.


Live score for tonight game : Man Utd vs Arsenal!!!

Tonight game, Live!!!

Manchester United Versus Arsenal At Old Trafford...
Click this link for Team line up and live score!!!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Terbaru Di Penulisan2u Hari Ini!!!

PENULISAN2U: “Novel : School of Glamour! 1, 2” Berserta 26 lagi karya terbaru hari ini!!!

Novel : School of Glamour! 1, 2
Novel : Aku Tercipta Untukmu 1
Novel : Petualangan Cinta Dua Dunia 1
Novel : Khilaf Semalam 1, 2
Novel : Cintaku Untuk Mu 1
Novel : Cinta Sakura 1
Novel : Anugerah 1
Novel : Fight For Love 1
Novel : Cerita Cinta Kita 1, 2
Novel : Ranjau hati seorang isteri 1
Novel : Sehingga Kamu 1
Novel : Lepaskan aku 1
Novel : Bukan Cerita Biasa 1
Novel : Wanjin – Hikayat Semenanjung Emas 1
Novel : Hati Sarah 1
Novel : Derita songsang 1
Novel : Wasilah Lambaian Kesaktian Redha 1
Novel : My Little Shark 1
Novel : Cupcake cintaku 1
Novel : Hantu kau curi hatiku 1
Novel : Nurul Amia Zarra 1
Novel : Cinta ke? 1
Novel : Doa Cinta Hersalina 1
Novel : Cintaku murni 1
Novel : Milik Siapakah Hati Ini 1
Novel : Keegoanmu 1
Novel : Jodoh kau dengan aku! 1

Klik link ini untuk baca!!!


Sunday December 12

Tottenham Hotspur 1 - 1 Chelsea
Bolton Wanderers 2 - 1 Blackburn Rovers
Wolverhampton Wanderers 1 - 0 Birmingham City

For more details click this link!!!