Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Ducati positive after Rossi-less test!!!

Having pulled the covers off the bike during its high-profile 2011 MotoGP launch last week, Ducati have finally put the new GP11 through its paces with a first test of the year at Jerez!!!!

With neither Valentino Rossi nor Nicky Hayden riding the machine, duties are instead being assumed by a test team comprising of Vittoriano Guareschi and Franco Battaini.
The outing has been arranged as an opportunity for the team to better understand the GP11, as well as form an effective base setting for Rossi and Hayden when they get to ride the bike during the first official pre-season test at Sepang next month.
"It was a very productive day, even though the track's grip was really bad, in part because of the high humidity and in part because the F3 test that took place until yesterday left the asphalt quite dirty," Guareschi told
"As planned, 'Batta' and I divided the responsibilities. I worked on the chassis with the goal of improving turn-in, while Franco concentrated on the electronics, including the new anti-wheelie and anti-spin systems that we're testing and adjusting. I think we found a couple of interesting things with the set-up that help with the front-end feel.
"We worked on ride height, seat position, and on many aspects of bike set-up that will help with all of the data-acquisition work that is necessary to be ready for Malaysia, when Vale and Nicky will ask us to change the bike in various ways.
"It's a refinement process that will proceed for the two days in order to speed up the factory riders' work in Malaysia."

News & Photo From: / Eurosport

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