Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Why So Important to Drinking Water At The Right Time???

Did You Know Drinking Water At The Right Time Is Important?

Most people say that they drink water when they feel that their throat is thirsty. However, our research group says that simply drinking when you are thirsty is insufficient in maintaining the body's moisture (fluid). On the other hand, too much drinking can cause "water intoxication" a.k.a. hyperhydration or water poisoning.

To get healthy, let us drink water at the right time and at the right quantity. But when and how?

Drink two glasses of water - after waking up. It helps activate the internal organs.

Drink glass boiled water - 30 MINUTES BEFORE MEALS. It aids digestion and makes the stomach more than willing to provide space for the entry of food.

Drink a glass of water - BEFORE YOU BATH. It helps blood circulation and reduce blood pressure.

Drink a glass of water - BEFORE SLEEP. It can avoid contact with stroke and heart attack in her sleep ..

The kidneys clean (filters) the blood with water, but don't you know that the quantity of water that passes the kidneys is about 150 liters in a day!? The average person has approximately 4 – 5 liters of water in the blood, and the kidney filters almost 99 % of it repeatedly. Excessive moisture or water is discharged as urine.

We tried to analyze the quantity of sweat and urine after exercise and quantity of water taken after being thirsty. The result – an average person lost 520 ml of sweat and urine while they drank only 150 – 200 ml of water. Yet, why many were satisfied with just less than a half of water intake compare to the 500 ml loss of water from the body?

It is probably psychological or some mechanical effects of the mouth that make us feel thirsty. It means that if you do something to your mouth, although you are losing moisture from the body due to sweat and urine, you may not feel thirsty at all. Bingo! We discovered that if you stimulate the mouth, a certain wave or signal will go to the brain, and you will not feel any thirst at all. Try it by yourself.

The thirst mechanism can be altered by "hallucination". That's what it means and it is really true.

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