Saturday, October 1, 2011

IBM SmartCloud Camp!!!

IBM SmartCloud Camp...

Cloud computing – it's the hot topic on everyone's lips now. And it's here to stay. Think about the applications you use on a daily basis like Google and online gaming portals. All of them rely on the shared internet services, resources and software available on cloud.

SmartCloud Camp - Where there’s a demand for cloud, there’s a demand for people who know about it. Seize your opportunity to move along with this new wave of change at the IBM SmartCloud Camp. Gain an advantage by learning about the very latest innovations and offerings of the cloud.

Be part of the chosen group to receive complimentary face-to-face training (worth US$1000) and certification (worth US$200). Mingle with industry experts and gain priceless insight on real cloud applications.

The winning team of this camp, will walk away with cool iPhone each. The runner-up team will each receive an equally impressive iPad2.
This is an amazing chance for students to win an IBM internship and cool gadgets. It’ll give you a leg up against your peers in the competitive recruitment landscape.

For IT professionals, this short three-day event can make you topic experts on cloud. It’ll help prove yourself as an invaluable asset to your employer and propel your career ahead.

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