Sunday, February 19, 2012

Top 10 Banned Video Games

Some of these video games are great and some of these video games are just plain awful, but all of them have been banned. All around the world people have seen these video games and, for one reason or another, decided to deny them the shelf space that all video games crave once they come to fruition. They’re violent, they’re raunchy, they’re politically charged… They are the Top 10 Banned Video Games.


Banned in Brazil

One of the first games I remember being criticized for too much violence was Carmageddon. In the game, you actually get points for everything you run over. People and animals were just points that ended up becoming horrific red smudges on the road. Just the first in many examples of okay games that got attention for being “Violent for violence” sake.

Thrill Kill

Banned Everywhere

At the time, Thrill Kill was a highly anticipated fighting game that promised simultaneous 4 – player action. What it became was a 4 – way, sadomasochist, gore-fest between lost souls in hell. Even though it was banned because of the violent content, the same game engine was used in the fighting game Wu-Tang: Shaolin Style. Killah Bees!


Banned in Australia

Manhunt followed a prisoner who was promised release if he could make it through a wasteland of other criminal psychopaths and dispatch them in gruesome ways. With baseball bats, plastic bags and blades of all kinds, you controlled the mayhem and were recorded on various security cameras placed around the areas. It was banned in Australia for ultra-violence but interesting side note: In Canada, instead of being released as a video game, it was released as a film so it could be bought and distributed without any restrictions.

The Guy Game

Banned in USA

Much like the beloved rap group 2 Live Crew, The Guy Game was banned in the USA. It is and always will be known as an awful, misogynist crap-fest of a game, but The Guy Game also broke the law. It was banned and recalled because one of the lovely young ladies that barred her boobies was actually 17. That’s technically child pornography. Whoopsie daisy, The Guy Game!

Fall Out 3

Banned in India

Everyone can agree that Fallout 3’s expansive world, in-game morality storyline changers and solid FPS game play made it one of the best games of our generation. However, it is banned in India. It was banned because of the ability to slaughter Brahmin, the 2 – headed cows that appear in Fallout 3. The Hindu religion looks upon bovine as sacred beings and hence the game was banned. Guess those guys can forget about playing “Fallout: Moo Vegas”. I know. I suck. Moo-ving on…


Banned in Australia, Limited USA release

“Going Postal” may be a common phrase in general life but it’s not as common in a video game store. Postal and Postal 2 decided to skirt the edge of controversial and instead opt for just plain silly violence. It was banned in Australia for violence and was given a limited release in the USA. Critics gave it overall middle of the road reviews but its gore and shock-value keep it in people’s mind.

Mass Effect

Banned in Singapore

Mass Effect is a great game that blends action and RPG elements in an interstellar journey that stands up there with the best games of all time. However, the government of Singapore banned it because of the ability to engage in a Lesbian encounter between a female Commander Shapard and the female humanoid, Liara. Singapore frowns upon Homosexual relationships. Oh well, more for me to watch then.

Sexy Poker

Banned in Australia

Hubba hubba! Sexy Poker is a Wii Ware game that was banned in Australia for obviously being WAY too sexy. Not much is known about the game play because honestly no one has ever purchased this game for a solid poker simulator experience. It is still banned but you can get around it by changing your Australian Wii to New Zealand’s country code in the settings menu. Sexy Poker time!

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

Banned in all Arab countries

Huh. For some reason Arab countries don’t want their citizens to play a game where most of the objectives are to blow up Arab terrorists. Go figure.

Football Manager 2005

Banned in China

Look at the picture above. Football Manager 2005 is definitely not violent. If you think red and blue dots on a soccer field are sexy or raunchy, go get some psychiatric help. Despite its mundane appearance, it was actually banned in the People’s Republic of China. Why? Football Manager 2005 recognizes Tibet as an independent country in the team selection menu. It just goes to show you that anyone can find a reason to not like a video game. Especially if that ‘anyone’ is China.

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