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Thai Lakorn ~ 4 Huajai Haeng Khun Khao aka 4 Hearts of the Mountain

4 Huajai Haeng Khun Khao aka 4 Hearts of the Mountain

~4 Huajai Haeng Khun Khao~
This is a lakorn with 4 parts, 4 pra'ek, 4 nang'ek and of 
course 4 love stories. 
And also a lakorn with too much hotness….hahaha!!!! 
You can’t blame me if I went crazy over this lakorn coz’ I’m
 talking about Aum, Mark, 
Nadech and Boy here…hehe.. 4 hotties in one lakorn,
 you must prepare your heart, 

4 HHKK is a story about quadruplets Din (Mark), 
Fai (Nadech), Lom (Boy) and 
Nam (Kimberly). Nam is the only girl and having
 3 triplet brothers means one thing; 
being over protected by her possessive brothers.
 I’m telling you,
 the triplets are soooooo funny.

Din is a serious type of person. He is always
 composed and 
calm (until the day he met the love of his life). 
Instead of 
being the eldest and should be the one who 
controls his 
2 brothers (as complained by Nam), he is
 actually the 
mastermind of ‘let’s get rid of the target’ plan. 
And the target would 
be any man who tried to get close to his Nam.

Fai is the ‘let’s talk to hand’ man. He’s very rough
 and impatient. 
Among the triplets, he will be the first to punch
 and kick the target. 
It’s funny how he always said “Don’t let me find
 you, or I’ll kill you!!!” haha!!

Lom is the player aka Casanova. He would not let
 any man go near 
Nam, but he changed his girlfriends more than
 4 times a day.
 So contrast, isn’t it??? Hehe…And guess what!! 
The boys’ 
favorite quote for Nam is ‘Men are untrustworthy!!!’

Nam is the youngest among the quadruplets. 
And also the ‘victim’ of her
 brothers’ possessiveness (though if I were her,
 I would be lucky to
 have such hot brothers…haha!!!). She is very 
sweet and kind-hearted.

This lakorn tells the story of their love; how each
 of them met their
 soul mate, went against all odds and finally they 
lived happily ever after…yay!!! =)

The trailer:

~credits to wishboniko~

Watch this lakorn at wishboniko

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