Friday, August 12, 2011

Campro : Turbo Charging or Transplant a Mitsu Engine???

A lot of the earlier version of campro feel that their campro is sluggish. Some even thinking of transplant to the Mitsubishi engine and some preffer to maintain the campro engine and add in a turbo kit for their campro. Here are some Comparisons on Campro Turbocharging and Converting Mitsubishi Engine.

Camproturbo (Bolt-On Kit)

Uses original engine so no JPJ issue
Engine is new.
can maintain dashboard and our new LED meter and instrumentation
Totally plug & play completely reversible
Cost below 10k including management all in (customed intercooler, customed turbo banana manifold, customed ic piping) plus extras(boost meters, turbo timers etc)
Minimum cost is around 8k
Spareparts are campro spareparts, cheap and easy to get
Gets around 170hp to 180hp boost merely 0.5 bar
Can opt for Stage 2 to boost higher (around 250 hp above)
High torque as campro is a high torque engine (ppl say campro turbo is like GSR with Hi cam)

Mitsubishi Engine Conversion (GSR, Mivec)

Needs to get inspection and endorsement from JPJ (2.0 evo cannot)
The engine has been running around almost 10 years in Japan. (if can get the recent model is good but rare)
Have to modify dashboard bracket if want to use mitsu dashboard and have to cut or modify door trim because cant close door as the dashboards touches door trim
If want to maintain campro dashboard got alot of wiring need to “kawin”,
Will not work for diagnostic tool (PDT, MUT) in case wants to troubleshoot errors.
standard for GSR boosting at 0.7bar gets around 160 to 170hp on wheel (all the claims above 200hp is on engine)
Expensive potong leher parts price be it second hand or new.. ( shop will say, Mitsu mah mmg mahal la)
Halfcut Price Rm9.5k, installation at least RM2k complete with change timing belt etc, no external management yet to customed tuned and no extras yet (no boost meter yet, no blow off yet, no turbo timer yet), so more than 15k then everything cun?
At least need another rm5k to 10k to get 300hp and above (do customed piping (banana), change bigger turbine, bigger intercooler, etc),so most gsr are left standard. (using intercooler the very ciput size and ketupat? (original OEM turbo manifold not banana is known as ketupat in the turbo world here))
Gearbox are 4WD, need to lock to become 2WD
For satria neo need to do chassis tempering as neo does not have crossmember bar across engine and gearbox. Can approve puspakom?
So from here we can see the comparisons, its nice to put evo as the power is already there but unfortunately JPJ do not approved 2.0 into proton anymore (except perdana)..

Management is needed whether campro turbo or GSR as this will ensures the fueling and tuning is individually set for that particular vehicle load / engine combination..
Remember, for campro turbo its crucial to use management to tune to force induction map behaviour and for GSR/EVO its better to use management as well to fine tune settings as the load of vehicle, 2wd or 4WD is not same anymore, furthermore engine is older and performance deteriates.

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