Wednesday, December 15, 2010

2011 Proton Saga FL launched in Malaysia!!!

Saga FL!!!

Powered by the same 1,332 cc Campro engine with 94 hp and 120 Nm, the Saga FL gets Proton’s new face, which will be sign of things to come. As detailed before, the new exterior consists of new lamps front and rear, new grille, new bumpers on both ends and new design rims. Standard variants ride on 175/70 R13 wheels while Executive FLs use 185/60 R14 rubber.

The Saga is available in Solid White, Tranquility Black, Genetic Silver, and two new flours – Cafe Latte and Blue Rock.

Of course, the most important part are the new prices. Prices have gone up by about RM1,000 to RM1,300 across the board, which is not too bad a jump considering there’s an extra passenger airbag in the airbag-equipped models. In the price comparison, we’ll compare the Standard with the B-Line and the Executive with the M-Line.

@Saga #Difference **Saga Facelift
1.3 Standard M/T @RM36,998 #RM1,000 **RM37,998
1.3 Standard A/T @RM39,998 #RM1,000 **RM40,998
1.3 Executive M/T @RM39,498 #RM1,200 **RM40,698
1.3 Executive A/T @RM41,998 #RM1,300 **RM43,298

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